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10 Pregnancy Superfoods (according to a real food dietitian) thumbnail

First, let me start by saying the word “superfood” is dumb. It implies that one single food is the holy grail or holds the key to curing cancer. Or that you have to take an expedition to a rainforest to get a hold of it. There’s simply no single food that’s king. But, when my […] Continue Reading

Real Food for PCOS thumbnail

You know those friends who you can chat with for hours without running out of things to say? Lisa from the Fertility Friday podcast is one of ‘em. We’ve never met in-person and we’re not even in the same country, but by the magic of the interwebs, we’ve become fast friends. In my third appearance […] Continue Reading

Garlicky Roasted Romanesco thumbnail

I have a thing for weird vegetables. Not just the bent carrots or funny-shaped squash, but the lesser-known varieties that you often can’t find at the regular grocery store. Part of the reason shopping at the farmers’ market is so fun is that you get to see some of these odd ball, heirloom vegetables that […] Continue Reading

Warning: Cooking with Aluminum Foil is Toxic thumbnail

Aluminum foil is super convenient in the kitchen. You can wrap up foil packets of marinated veggies for the grill, line a baking sheet with foil to cut down on clean up, or cover casseroles in the oven. And don’t forget about storing leftovers in foil! Most of us don’t think twice about cooking with […] Continue Reading

5 Prenatal Nutrition Myths Every Paleo Mom Should Know About thumbnail

If you’ve done any reading about pregnancy nutrition, chances are you’ve read a lot of prenatal nutrition myths. That’s right. Some of the most common “nutritionisms” given to pregnant women are not backed by solid science (or even semi-solid science). When I was invited to speak at the Paelo f(x) conference this year, I knew […] Continue Reading

Baby Broccoli with Bacon thumbnail

Fresh, local produce is my jam. Since I relocated back to the “lower 48,” I’ve been relishing all the tender veggies at my local farmers’ market. (And, of course, missing all the wild salmon and halibut from Alaska. You can't have it all, I s'pose.) There’s one farmer, in particular, who’s somehow managed to show […] Continue Reading

Can Pilates During Pregnancy Prevent Diastasis Recti? thumbnail

I remember it clearly. I was lounging on the couch, 6 months pregnant, when I went to sit up and saw my tummy muscles bulge out. And it wasn’t what I was used to seeing pre-pregnancy when I forgot to engage my abdominal muscles. They bulged AND there was a groove between them. Despite all […] Continue Reading

Is Nutrition to Blame for Mom Brain? thumbnail

“I truly, honestly cannot remember the simplest of tasks.” “I went to the grocery store and forgot the one thing that I went there for in the first place.” “If I don’t set reminders on my phone, I’m literally screwed. Whatever it was simply doesn’t exist.” Mom brain. It’s legit. If - after having a […] Continue Reading

Green Beans with Macadamia Nuts and Thyme thumbnail

Green beans aren’t meant to be mushy, nor a dull shade of olive. And although I have a soft spot in my heart for the classic Thanksgiving green bean casserole (I mean, really, there’s something about that uber salty, canned soup-ness that takes me right back to childhood), there’s simply no excuse for limp, overcooked […] Continue Reading

Saturated Fat: Does it Really Clog Your Arteries? thumbnail

“Artery-clogging saturated fat.” It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Decades of public health messages and magazine articles have practically etched those words in stone, but maybe it’s time to reframe the way we look at saturated fat. In the following article, one of my nutrition interns, Anna, takes a deeper look at the […] Continue Reading