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9 Gestational Diabetes Myths thumbnail

As a specialist in gestational diabetes nutrition, I get a lot of questions about blood sugar and pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is controversial. It’s complicated. And there’s a lot of misinformation out there. I do my best to address the controversies in interviews and with participants in my online gestational diabetes course, but since I’ve been […] Continue Reading

Top 5 Myths About Salt – why cutting back on salt isn’t always the best idea.

We hear about it constantly. The problem with our diet is too much “salt, fat, and sugar.” But is that really true? If you’ve been following my work for a while, you know I wholeheartedly agree that excessive sugar is an issue and wholeheartedly disagree that fat is something we should avoid. But salt? make […] Continue Reading

Top 10 Elimination Diet Mistakes

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you have tried an elimination diet (or have considered going on one) and you’re questioning if they really work. BUT (and this is a big BUT)... They only work if know how to do them properly. As a specialist in this area, I’ve personally guided many clients through an […] Continue Reading

robb wolf gestational diabetes controversy

She has done the ungodly thing of writing a book about a topic that has no fence sitters, everyone one has an opinion, and everybody’s opinion is right.” I wasn’t exactly sure if that was a compliment or something else, but I quickly found out. If you don’t know Robb, he’s a NYT best-selling author […] Continue Reading

Real Food for Gestational Diabetes Course

If you’ve ever thrown your hands up in frustration because your diet isn't working, you’ll want to read this. Whatever your health goals, restrictive diets often fail. Yet somehow, despite plenty of evidence supporting this fact, the world of conventional nutrition continues to recommend them. Count your calories, they say. Eat less fat. Don't have seconds. […] Continue Reading

10 Things You Didnt Know About Vitamin D

If you’ve picked up a newspaper or magazine in the past 10 years, you’ve read about vitamin D. Maybe you’ve heard it called the “sunshine vitamin” or read that deficiency in vitamin D is linked to heart disease or cancer. Both of those are true. You’ve probably also heard that “15 minutes of morning sun” […] Continue Reading

Is chewing gum bad for you?

There are a lot of good reasons to chew gum. Bad breath? Chew a piece of gum! Bored? Chew a piece of gum! Hungry? Chew a piece of gum! Feel stressed? Chew a piece of gum! Want something sweet without eating something sweet? Chew a piece of gum! Just had coffee and don’t want to […] Continue Reading

5 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Fruit

Am I cruel to write this? Maybe. But it has to be written. I realize it’s the middle of summer and just about every fruit worth eating is in season. Peaches are perfectly ripe, apricots are plump, and berries are bursting with flavor. Even if you’re not a year round fruit-i-vore, summer makes you want […] Continue Reading

Is dairy the cause of your tummy troubles

If I got paid for all the times clients have told me they have lactose intolerance, I’d be a very rich woman. While lactose intolerance is a common problem (30-50 million Americans are affected), it’s not the only culprit in dairy digestive dilemmas. Milk protein allergy and hidden food sensitivities can also be at play […] Continue Reading

7 Reasons Grass-fed Beef is Worth the Money

When it comes to your diet, quality counts. Maybe you already buy organic vegetables, local fruit from the farmers’ market, and choose unprocessed foods, but one place where many of my clients skimp is meat. Meat is already expensive and choosing the fancy kind just for kicks doesn’t make sense. So today I’m breaking down […] Continue Reading