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Healthy Recipes

Dark Chocolate Bark with Raspberries and Pumpkin Seeds thumbnail

I am an unapologetic fan of chocolate. When I was a kid, I’d eat chocolate so slowly that the piece would melt between my fingers before I could finish a single square. Or sometimes I would paint my lips with dark chocolate, like lipstick. How’s that for savoring every bite? Some people would view chocolate […] Continue Reading

Blackberry Honey Cheesecake (Low Carb) thumbnail

Foraging is one of my favorite past times. You can pretty much guarantee that if I’m outside, I have my eyes on the plants around me and (on a good day) will find something to nibble on. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll recall my love of foraging from these posts: […] Continue Reading

Mexican Shredded Beef (Instant Pot or Slow Cooker) thumbnail

When I first started using a slow cooker, I remember thinking “How in the world did I stay well-fed without it?” When I realized I could make bone broth in it and not have to hover over the stove all day, I was hooked. Many a pot roast, stew, chili, and batch of pulled pork […] Continue Reading

Twice Baked Spaghetti Squash thumbnail

I’ll be honest. The first time I had spaghetti squash, I was a little underwhelmed. The texture is obviously not pasta, so I wasn’t expecting some kind of culinary miracle, but the squash “noodles” didn’t really absorb the flavor of the sauce. Mixing it with the sauce before plating didn’t really make it any better. […] Continue Reading

Rosemary Pork Chops (with Sauteed Kale and Apples) thumbnail

I used to be super intimidated when it came to cooking meat. Which cut should I buy? How do you cook it? How do I know I’ve seasoned it enough if I can’t taste it until it’s cooked? It just seemed complicated. Then, a few years back, we did our first cow share. We had […] Continue Reading

Low Carb Cabbage Enchiladas thumbnail

It’s fair to say most people who grew up in Southern California, like myself, have a thing for good Mexican food. Fresh tortillas, homemade salsas, local avocados… Yum! But once I realized that I feel my best eating lower-carb, I decided to re-imagine some of my favorites. That meant looking for alternatives to things like […] Continue Reading

Grass-fed Beef Shepherd’s Pie thumbnail

Often a hodge podge of pasta and canned soup, casseroles are admittedly not my first pick at a potluck. There’s something about the whole "refined carbs meets additive-laden soup" that doesn’t exactly make me wanna dig in. But, good casseroles are out there—both in terms of flavor and health benefits. Honestly, there’s a lot to […] Continue Reading

Balsamic Carrot Slaw thumbnail

Winter can make eating in-season produce a challenge. When I lived in a remote area of Alaska and everything “fresh” was shipped in (and I use the word fresh lightly here), I had to get creative to keep my vegetable intake up around this time of year. (Psst - You can read more about how […] Continue Reading

Garlicky Roasted Romanesco thumbnail

I have a thing for weird vegetables. Not just the bent carrots or funny-shaped squash, but the lesser-known varieties that you often can’t find at the regular grocery store. Part of the reason shopping at the farmers’ market is so fun is that you get to see some of these odd ball, heirloom vegetables that […] Continue Reading

Baby Broccoli with Bacon thumbnail

Fresh, local produce is my jam. Since I relocated back to the “lower 48,” I’ve been relishing all the tender veggies at my local farmers’ market. (And, of course, missing all the wild salmon and halibut from Alaska. You can't have it all, I s'pose.) There’s one farmer, in particular, who’s somehow managed to show […] Continue Reading