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Nutrition Basics

5 tips to maintain a positive relationship with food during an elimination diet thumbnail

As someone who has dealt with food sensitivities personally and professionally, I’m well-versed in elimination diets. I’ve written about it numerous times (here and here for starters). They can be a really powerful tool, but also have some downsides. My colleague and fellow real food dietitian, Aglaee Jacob, knows this well. What I love about […] Continue Reading

Postpartum Recovery with Real Food thumbnail

It’s common knowledge that pregnancy increases your nutrient requirements, but did you know that nutrient needs are actually higher during early postpartum? That’s right. Your body has done the amazing feat of growing a brand new human being and its work is not done yet. (Sorry to break it to you!) First, your body needs […] Continue Reading

Lazy Meal Planning (for people who hate meal planning) thumbnail

Do you hate meal planning? I do. I hear the word meal plan and my brain turns to jelly. I look at a weekly meal plan that is supposed to make my life “easier” and I already feel like a failure because I know there’s no way I’m actually going to eat exactly that. No […] Continue Reading

10 Dietitian-Approved Immune Boosters for Flu Season thumbnail

Flu season has been out of hand this year. My usual strong immune system has been put to the test. Part of that change is having a toddler; kids seem to share germs better than anyone. Part of that is being so busy working on my forthcoming book, Real Food for Pregnancy, that I haven’t […] Continue Reading

End Food Waste Over the Holidays thumbnail

For better or for worse, the holiday season has arrived. While most nutrition writers are busy drafting articles about how to avoid gaining weight over the holidays (been there, done that), I want to talk about another important issue that rarely gets air time: food waste. In the United States, 30-40% of our food goes […] Continue Reading

Movement Matters Retreat Recap with Katy Bowman thumbnail

I spent this past weekend at Katy Bowman’s Movement Matters Retreat in the lush Olympic Peninsula of Washington state (an area I’m lucky to currently reside in), soaking up as much insight as I could from her. Like thousands of others, Katy’s work has had a big impact on the way that I view movement […] Continue Reading

Undereating and Infertility thumbnail

Nutrition is rarely black and white. Discussions around nutrition for fertility are a perfect example of this. Infertility can happen for dozens of reasons. Based on the current state of affairs in the western world, where ⅔ of us are overweight, the focus is often put on the metabolic and hormonal imbalance that accompanies excess […] Continue Reading

What’s Healthier: Raw or Cooked Vegetables? thumbnail

Have you ever heard that you should eat more (or only) raw vegetables? Proponents say they retain their vitamins and antioxidants. Cooking “kills” the good stuff, they say, rendering them nutritionally useless. Or, perhaps, you’ve been told you should focus on cooked vegetables. They argue that the fiber is partially broken down, easing straining on […] Continue Reading

Research-Backed Benefits of Eating Eggs in Pregnancy thumbnail

I’m often asked about what foods a pregnant woman should eat to provide her baby with the best nourishment. Everyone assumes I’m gonna respond with “More vegetables,” so imagine the look on their face when I say “Eggs with the yolks!” Believe me - I’ve got nothing against vegetables and they DO play an important role […] Continue Reading

7 Reasons to Try a Ketogenic Diet thumbnail

If you’ve been following the Pilates Nutritionist blog for a while, you know I’m an advocate for customized nutrition. Meaning, I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all diet that will work for everyone. But, there are some general nutrition principles that I circle back to time and time again. Nutrition researchers debate a lot of […] Continue Reading