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Nutrition Basics

The Last Straw that Made Me Change My Diet thumbnail

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve toyed with the idea of changing your diet. Maybe you’ve done it successfully or maybe you’re still on the fence. The following post is from Rachel, a nutrition intern here at Pilates Nutritionist, who has a truly inspiring story to share. Like so many, she grew up eating […] Continue Reading

Mindful Eating: Does it work even when you eat junk food? thumbnail

  Mindful eating doesn't work if you eat any junk food. You have to be super strict otherwise it's useless." This is a common sentiment about mindful eating, but I'm not 100% on board with it. I was just having a conversation with a client about this and figured you might get something out of […] Continue Reading

Body Shaming Starts Younger Than You Think thumbnail

Like it or not, you are judgmental. I’m judgmental. It’s human nature. We’re constantly observing what’s around us and trying to make sense of it. That means being critical of our surroundings and the people in it. And probably being critical of ourselves. It’s all well and good until a simple observation turns into a […] Continue Reading

7 Foods to Heal Dry Winter Skin thumbnail

Winter. It can be beautiful. It can also be a royal pain in...the face. You heard me right. With cold outdoor temps, most of us have the heat cranked up and that means the air is dry as a bone. If you’re into winter sports (or if leaving your house to check the mail is […] Continue Reading

Avoid Gaining An Extra 5lbs Over the Holidays thumbnail

‘Tis the season of ugly Christmas sweater parties, white elephant gifts (another scented candle anyone?), and oh, right…. An extra 5lbs. Maybe you can skip the last one this December! (Or, better yet, the last two). If the holidays leave you worrying about weight gain - or saying “to hell with it” and eating everything […] Continue Reading

Stop Waiting to Figure Out Your Food Sensitivities thumbnail

I couldn’t put up with bloating and acne any longer. It's always something I had been curious about, but I had been putting it off and putting it off, thinking that only people with major digestive issues (like most of my clients at the time) needed extensive lab testing and the customized elimination diet that […] Continue Reading

10 Pregnancy Superfoods (according to a real food dietitian) thumbnail

First, let me start by saying the word “superfood” is dumb. It implies that one single food is the holy grail or holds the key to curing cancer. Or that you have to take an expedition to a rainforest to get a hold of it. There’s simply no single food that’s king. But, when my […] Continue Reading

Real Food for PCOS thumbnail

You know those friends who you can chat with for hours without running out of things to say? Lisa from the Fertility Friday podcast is one of ‘em. We’ve never met in-person and we’re not even in the same country, but by the magic of the interwebs, we’ve become fast friends. In my third appearance […] Continue Reading

Saturated Fat: Does it Really Clog Your Arteries? thumbnail

“Artery-clogging saturated fat.” It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Decades of public health messages and magazine articles have practically etched those words in stone, but maybe it’s time to reframe the way we look at saturated fat. In the following article, one of my nutrition interns, Anna, takes a deeper look at the […] Continue Reading

Learn to Enjoy Healthy Food: A 3-Step Method to End Picky Eating thumbnail

We often hear the words “diets don’t work.” Truth is, the only diet that works is the one you don’t even know you’re on. It’s when healthy eating comes naturally. When your body craves the foods that sustain it, so sitting down to lunch isn’t a battle of wills. People often tell me that I […] Continue Reading