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Five great resistance exercises during pregnancy

One of my specialties (and passions) is prenatal nutrition and I've worked extensively with women who have gestational diabetes, where even in conventional medicine, nutrition is the primary treatment. (Boy, our healthcare world would be a different place if doctors suggested real food first for more conditions, wouldn’t it?) Now in addition to eating really […] Continue Reading

Perfect is not the goal thumbnail

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I don’t do Pilates all the time. I teach it a lot more than I do it myself. Shh! Don’t tell the Pilates Gods. And please don’t let Joseph Hubertus Pilates overhear our conversation, unless you want him to “roll over” in his grave. (<-- […] Continue Reading

No energy to workout? Eat more butter! thumbnail

Have you ever felt like you have no energy to workout? Maybe you start strong but can’t make it through to the end (that’s why you sign up for group classes, right?). Or maybe you just skip your workout entirely, too exhausted to even get out the door. If you think that food has something […] Continue Reading

5 Ways To Stay Calm When Things Get Stressful

Deadlines. Expectations. Go, go go. Ever feel like you just don’t have enough time to get it all done? You go into autopilot. Panic mode. Keep working and burning the candle at both ends until you’re spent. 12 hour days turn into 14 hour days which turn into all nighters. Coffee is king. Once you […] Continue Reading

Homemade KIND Bars thumbnail

  Do you like KIND bars? They are those super delicious snack bars make of mostly nuts and dried fruit that are perfect to nosh on between meals. I usually have one hiding in my purse. I always carry what I like to call “emergency snacks”. As you learned last week, I don’t like to […] Continue Reading

I came across this quote and just had to share. When you tug at a single thing in nature, you find it attached to the rest of the world. -John Muir Everything is interconnected, especially when it comes to our bodies and our health. A few weeks ago, while hiking in the Santa Monica mountains, […] Continue Reading

We all get down on ourselves from time to time. "I'm not good enough." "There's no way I can do that." "Maybe so-and-so is successful at blank, but I'm just not that person." So what's the deal? Why are some people naturally more confident than others? Think of what words you use to describe someone […] Continue Reading

As a Pilates teacher, I can't help but notice good posture and bad posture. This clever good posture infographic from Greatist.com caught my attention. I hope you can find a few tips to keep your back and neck happy! Bad posture can be corrected and it starts with becoming aware of your body throughout the […] Continue Reading

This image from Primer Magazine says it all. As with any movement, if you are not moving with intention and focus, you are more likely to get injured and less likely to benefit. So, keep those eyes up, your abdomen lifted, and your shoulders relaxed. Enjoy your run […] Continue Reading

As a prenatal dietitian and diabetes educator, I am asked a lot of questions about exercise during pregnancy. Is it safe? I'm afraid. Will it hurt my baby? Won't it increase my risk of miscarriage? What CAN I do? What CAN'T I do?   I've already blogged about the safety of Pilates During Pregnancy, but […] Continue Reading