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Real Talk About Breastfeeding thumbnail

It’s always been taboo to discuss how diet affects the quality of breastmilk because there are already so many barriers to breastfeeding. (I’ve written about that already, here.) We hear the “Breast is Best” campaign ad nauseum, but have you ever wondered how your diet could impact your breastmilk? From research, we know that the […] Continue Reading

Are Carbs Required for Pregnancy? thumbnail

Whether you just started following my blog or have been at it for years, you know I have a special interest in prenatal nutrition. That means I inevitably get a lot of questions about what I personally ate during pregnancy. Well, I’m spilling the beans today. Remember last year when I spoke at Paleo f(x)? […] Continue Reading

Body Shaming Starts Younger Than You Think thumbnail

Like it or not, you are judgmental. I’m judgmental. It’s human nature. We’re constantly observing what’s around us and trying to make sense of it. That means being critical of our surroundings and the people in it. And probably being critical of ourselves. It’s all well and good until a simple observation turns into a […] Continue Reading

5 Common Questions About Gestational Diabetes: Q&A with Whole 30 thumbnail

When I first started working in the field of gestational diabetes, I noticed a trend in the types of questions I was asked. Most of the time, I was assuaging fears and correcting misinformation. (There’s a ton of outdated prenatal nutrition advice, after all.) I’ve been trying to shift the conversation on gestational diabetes gradually […] Continue Reading

10 Pregnancy Superfoods (according to a real food dietitian) thumbnail

First, let me start by saying the word “superfood” is dumb. It implies that one single food is the holy grail or holds the key to curing cancer. Or that you have to take an expedition to a rainforest to get a hold of it. There’s simply no single food that’s king. But, when my […] Continue Reading

Real Food for PCOS thumbnail

You know those friends who you can chat with for hours without running out of things to say? Lisa from the Fertility Friday podcast is one of ‘em. We’ve never met in-person and we’re not even in the same country, but by the magic of the interwebs, we’ve become fast friends. In my third appearance […] Continue Reading

5 Prenatal Nutrition Myths Every Paleo Mom Should Know About thumbnail

If you’ve done any reading about pregnancy nutrition, chances are you’ve read a lot of prenatal nutrition myths. That’s right. Some of the most common “nutritionisms” given to pregnant women are not backed by solid science (or even semi-solid science). When I was invited to speak at the Paelo f(x) conference this year, I knew […] Continue Reading

Can Pilates During Pregnancy Prevent Diastasis Recti? thumbnail

I remember it clearly. I was lounging on the couch, 6 months pregnant, when I went to sit up and saw my tummy muscles bulge out. And it wasn’t what I was used to seeing pre-pregnancy when I forgot to engage my abdominal muscles. They bulged AND there was a groove between them. Despite all […] Continue Reading

Is Nutrition to Blame for Mom Brain? thumbnail

“I truly, honestly cannot remember the simplest of tasks.” “I went to the grocery store and forgot the one thing that I went there for in the first place.” “If I don’t set reminders on my phone, I’m literally screwed. Whatever it was simply doesn’t exist.” Mom brain. It’s legit. If - after having a […] Continue Reading

5 Benefits of a Mindful Pregnancy thumbnail

Pregnancy can be stressful. Suddenly, it seems like every decision you make is going to ‘make or break’ the health of your baby. This is especially true if you have health challenges, like gestational diabetes, to manage. But your mental well-being during pregnancy is absolutely crucial. Mindfulness is one way you can take care of […] Continue Reading