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Writing a Book as a Busy Mom thumbnail

Let me be real here: writing a book as a busy mom was not easy. I’ve been getting a ton of questions from people asking how I did it, so I’m taking a break from my typical nutrition-focused posts to share some behind the scenes from writing Real Food for Pregnancy. As I’ve shared on […] Continue Reading

Messy Science of Prenatal Nutrition: Interview with Robb Wolf thumbnail

Nutrition during pregnancy is complicated, to say the least. As a specialist in this area, I understand, firsthand, how much controversy comes with the territory. If you’ve been following my work for a while, you may have heard me on a number of podcast interviews talking about this very topic. One of my favorite interviews, […] Continue Reading

Toxins During Pregnancy: What to avoid and why thumbnail

When it comes to pregnancy, there are many things that can affect your health (and thus your baby’s health); your food choices/nutrient intake, movement/exercise habits, stress management, and sleep routine are among the most commonly mentioned. However, one very important contributor to your health during pregnancy that doesn’t get much airtime is your exposure to […] Continue Reading

The Birthful Podcast: Interview on Gestational Diabetes thumbnail

Sometimes I feel like I’ve said all there is to say about gestational diabetes; search iTunes and you’ll see dozens of interviews from me on this topic. That said, I’ve realized that every interviewer has their own unique set of questions that bring up topics that I may not have chosen to discuss otherwise. This […] Continue Reading

Why Prenatal Nutrition Guidelines Need to be Updated thumbnail

This is not the first time I’ve written (or spoken) about the problems that plague conventional prenatal nutrition guidelines. Sometimes I feel a bit like a broken record, but judging by the questions that come my way from clients and from colleagues, I clearly need to talk about this more. In this post, I’ll cover […] Continue Reading

Post Baby Body Love (Part 2) thumbnail

Having a baby is such a journey. Let’s do a brief timeline, shall we? TWW (two week wait) Get your BFP (big fat positive). Survive the dreaded nausea phase. Give me #allthefood. How did I gain 4 pounds in a weekend? I have to pee. I have to pee. I have to pee. Please stop […] Continue Reading

Manage Gestational Diabetes Without Fear thumbnail

When you’re diagnosed with gestational diabetes, one of the first things you do is hop on Google and try to unravel what this will mean for your pregnancy and birth. A lot of the time, the search results are not reassuring. They say you’ll need insulin, that you’ll need to be induced or have a […] Continue Reading

Post Baby Body Love (Part 1) thumbnail

Years ago, I remember being asked by a man I knew through the Pilates industry if I ever wanted to have children. When I responded: “I think so - maybe in another few years.” He interrupted me to say” “You shouldn’t “ruin” your body because you’re in such good shape.” Um, what? Thanks for the […] Continue Reading

Undereating and Infertility thumbnail

Nutrition is rarely black and white. Discussions around nutrition for fertility are a perfect example of this. Infertility can happen for dozens of reasons. Based on the current state of affairs in the western world, where ⅔ of us are overweight, the focus is often put on the metabolic and hormonal imbalance that accompanies excess […] Continue Reading

Low Carb for Gestational Diabetes: Opinions from Moms and Experts thumbnail

Years ago when I was knee deep in research articles, I felt like a lone wolf; the only one who dared to question the conventional thinking about nutrition for gestational diabetes. I was asking hard questions about the RDA for carbohydrates and the risks of ketosis. I knew some clinicians who promoted low carb eating […] Continue Reading