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How to Overcome Post Holiday Sugar Cravings thumbnail

I need a break from sugar. Big time. If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty careful about sugar. But the holidays came and went and you indulged more than usual. Even though the celebrations are over, you’re still stuck wanting sweets and stumped at how to overcome post holiday sugar cravings. I’m right there with […] Continue Reading

What Detox Products Don’t Tell You thumbnail

Do you ever wonder why Whole Foods has enormous displays for detox products and cleanses every January? They’re bright, colorful, and claim to give you everything you want in a box. Pretty skin. Weight loss. No more bloating. Stop your constipation/diarrhea And the vague, “flush out toxins” All you have to do is take these […] Continue Reading

6 Reasons To Stop Counting Calories + 11 Things To Do Instead thumbnail

I used to count calories. It was part of my training as a dietitian - one of our homework assignments. It seemed everyone in my class was really good at it, like they had memorized the calorie content of a bunch of foods. I treated the project as more of an experiment. I mean, if […] Continue Reading

stop blaming your body start listening to it

We often blame our bodies for what we perceive as faults, especially when it comes to food. Stupid stomach. Why are you cramping? Ugh, I’m hungry again. But I just ate! I am so bloated. I wish my intestines would just cooperate. This is so inconvenient. I feel like I can’t stop eating. What’s wrong […] Continue Reading

What I learned from dead bodies thumbnail

I’ve had a whirlwind week. I’ve been in 3 cities. Hopped on 2 planes. Multiple trains. Cars. Buses. Walked a lot. Took a course. Attended a “mastermind” conference. Saw nutrition and Pilates clients. Finalized 5 presentations I’ll be giving this fall... And stood for an entire day looking at dead bodies. Yes, dead bodies. I […] Continue Reading

The “Healthy” Breakfast Mistake thumbnail

It’s 10am and you’re S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G! You think to yourself “Oh, not again. Today is going to be a good day. I can make it until lunch if I just distract myself with work.” Fifteen minutes later, your mind goes back to food. You finally give in and hit the break room. That girl baked cookies […] Continue Reading

Has anyone else permanently sworn off Pringles? If you don't know what I'm talking about, be sure to read last week's post on food addictions and watch the videos with Brad Pitt. I'm tackling how to stop food cravings today and it'll make more sense if you read the previous post. On to the good […] Continue Reading

I've had many people contact me recently looking for relief from some sort of digestive complaint. One of my specialties is digestive issues and healing them through whole foods, so this isn't out of the ordinary. The story goes something like... " I used to be able to eat anything I wanted. I had an […] Continue Reading

3 Tricks To Detox Without Depriving Yourself thumbnail

Are you lost in the aisles of Whole Foods looking at all the detox products on the market? Have you had a bad experience with a cleanse before? (Be honest here... you're not alone) Did you ever fast on green juice in an attempt to lose weight or clear your skin? There are a lot […] Continue Reading