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Post-Baby Body Love Q&A

A huge thank you in advance for having the courage to share about your journey to embrace your body after having a baby.

For me, It’s been eye opening to go through all the healing phases (the early – holy shit! my vagina is ruined!) to waiting for the linea nigra to fade, to finally getting back to working out, healing abdominal separation, losing the weight, the ever-changing-size nursing boobs, to watching my weirdo belly button remain kinda weirdo (ah well, you win some, you lose some)…

How have you come to embrace the new you? OR if you’re still struggling and coming to terms with all the changes that come with having a baby take up precious real estate in your abdomen for 9 months, that’s helpful to hear as well.

Hopefully the following questions will help you put it into words. If you’re not the Q&A type, you are more than welcome to email your free form thoughts via email to [ lily — at — pilatesnutritionist.com ]

Within a few days on my LEAP diet, my energy levels were up, the diarrhea symptoms were almost gone, and so were my body aches. I knew I was finally on the road to recovery. After a month of eating this way, I feel like I have my life back. If you are ready and willing to get better, Lily will be there 100% to guide you through the process.
Joanna Basso, Retired, Torrance, CA